Holiday Search Results

This was the results page when a user submitted the search form, either on the home page or in the header.

Previous Design


  • Search results were pushed down the page with superfluous information.

  • A holiday deal at the top of search results could lead the user to a completely different part of the site.

  • Each hotel would show many deals associated with it, this limited the users ability to compare.

  • The layout was poor, results spaced out and misaligned.

Dark Wood Panels


Changes made:

  • Thinner deal row allowing more deals per page without hiding information.

  • Several different  iterations to arrive at this design all A/B tested.

  • Whole row with exception of info link is hyperlinked to deal - increased click-ability.

  • Price next to CTA.

  • Remove red colour from 'show more' - remove conflict with CTA.

  • Remove phone numbers - drive all conversion through click.

Previous design
Dark Wood Panels

phase 2:

  • Refined filters, price calendar and sort on mobile & tablet.

  • Added USPs for providers (Bag included, Free Transfers, etc).

  • Reduced number of deals per hotel - 'compare more' added to reveal more.

  • Re designed filters to be digit friendly on mobile.

  • Introduced brand changes.

  • CTAs changed from red to green.

Dark Wood Panels

final ui designs

Dark Wood Panels
Dark Wood Panels

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