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Icelolly Home Page &
Navigation Design

When I arrived at Icelolly the site was a very plain white site, I felt it lacked inspiration and identity as a holiday comparison site.

The navigation was also very confusing.

Previous Design
Previous Design of Icelolly Home Page


  • User thrown straight in form filling with little context.

  • Brand not prominent enough - inconsistent with offline.

  • Lacked inspiration and identity as holiday site.



This project not only involved redesigning the home page and main entry point to Icelolly, but also rationalising the confusing navigation which had a number of issues:

  • 2 separate menus on mobile.

  • 3 separate menus on desktop.

  • Issues with site indexing and negative SEO effects because of site hierarchy and multiple navigation. 

  • Mobile style menu on desktop.

  • Less profitable areas of the business were receiving too much traffic.

UX wireframes
Dark Wood Panels


Dark Wood Panels
UI design of mobile home page
UI design of mobile navigation

Changes made:

  • Full screen background image - ability to use to emphasise brand/holiday lifestyle - also the ability to sell to 3rd party (Desktop & Tablet).

  • Stronger branding.
  • App like feel on mobile with direct links to both search and deals business areas.
  • Reduced size of form.
  • Email notification - tempt more sign ups.

  • Trust  banner USPs.

  • Simple search CTA.

  • Extensive menu changes.

Dark Wood Panels
UI design of desktop home page
Dark Wood Panels
UI design of tablet home page
Dark Wood Panels
Previous Navigation / Header Design
Previous design of navigation
New Navigation / Header Design
UI design of navigation

Changes made:

  • Simplified menu.

  • Less prominence to less profitable areas of the business in menu.

  • More compact synopsis of search.

  • Search box for modifying a search made consistent with home page search.

Dark Wood Panels
New Mega Navigation

Introduced 'mega' style navigation for Holiday Deals, surfacing main categories with lead in price, reducing a level of hierarchy.

UI design of mega navigation


  • Refresh of the brand feel in the UI.

  • Surfacing direct converting deals sooner in customer journey.

  • Further reduction of non profitable navigation links.

  • More inspirational with greater use of images in the deals.

  • Dynamic deals rather than previous hand coded images.

Dark Wood Panels


Dark Wood Panels
UI design of mobile home page
Dark Wood Panels
UI design of desktop homepage
Dark Wood Panels
UI Design of tablet home page
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