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Holiday Destination Finder

This was the result of a user selecting 'Any Destination' from the holiday search form on


Users know the dates on which they wish to depart and the duration of the holiday, but are either unsure of where to go or open to suggestions of destinations available at that time and would have the ability to compare prices for various destination suggestions.

The previous version of this was just a list with CTAs. No details about the destinations, no imagery, no from pricing. It wasn't very engaging and analytics revealed a high bounce rate from this page. 


  • Repetitive red CTAs with generic 'See Prices' dominating interface.

  • No inspiration either visual or text. 

  • No information about destinations to inform choice - a second click required to find this - in turn diverting from conversion path. 

it was basically just a list of destination names which without contextual information didn't really provide an informed choice, only useful to a user that had prior knowledge of that destination.

Owing to development restraints and a desire to tackle the most pressing elements of this page an interim design was arrived at. I had wanted to include some kind of filtering, but that required more development work so we went with the quicker front end changes as a phase 1.

Holiday Destination Finder wireframes version 1
Dark Wood Panels


Dark Wood Panels

Changes made:

Holiday Destination Finder Mobile Designs
  • Destination images.

  • Average temperature for month of travel.

  • Flight time.

  • Lead in price of deals.

  • Responsive grid layout.

Holiday Destination Finder Tablet Design
Dark Wood Panels
Holiday Destination Finder Laptop Design


An increase in conversion had been seen from the first phase of design improvements, however we were still seeing up to 20% abandonment from this page.

The information had been improved, we were now showing an image of the destination and some basic information on average temperature and flight time. We were also including a lead in price to tempt the user.

The filtering that I'd wanted to introduce was now to be featured on the new design. After various discussions with stakeholders and concept testing, phase 2 was launched. This allowed a user to refine the destination suggestions based on their preferences.

I also surfaced individual holiday deals with an immediate converting CTA, removing a step in the journey to conversion .

Holiday Destination Finder wireframes version 2
Dark Wood Panels


Dark Wood Panels
Holiday Destination Finder UI Design
Dark Wood Panels
Holiday Destination Finder Tablet UI Design
Dark Wood Panels
Holiday Destination Finder Laptop UI Design
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